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Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is one of the key components of accreditation. Annually, Medical and Technical staff need to earn 15 CMEs. Please note, physicians must earn AMA Category (CAT) 1 credit.

Technologists and physicians CME requirements vary depending on their credential, however all staff must earn CME to meet the accreditation standards.

For vascular labs, all staff need 15 CMEs and physicians are required to earn AMA CAT 1 credit.

We offer on-site CME classes including:

  • Vascular testing and interpretation
  • Echocardiography testing and interpretation
  • Various hands-on techniques

We can tailor courses to meet your CME needs. Contact us for pricing.

Other CME Resources:

American Society of Echocardiography
Free to ASE members (Physicians and Techs)

The American College of Cardiology sponsors EchoSap, a CD Rom that offers up to 30 AMA CAT 1 CMEs.

Cardio Village
Free AMA CAT I credits available for Echo and Nuclear.

Chrestomathic Press
ICAEL discount code is 799W (Indicates to the company only that you were on the ICAEL website.)

Davies Publishing (Technologists)
Offers a great deal of material.

Up to 50 AMA Cat I credits available for $300 per individual. Become a member and receive 8 CAT I per year for $20 tech/$40 physicians at their quarterly meetings.

Pacific Vascular (Vascular Only)

Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Free to members

Vascular-Institute for Advancement in Medical Education
Has 2-3 day conferences nationwide at various times throughout the year.


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