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Q. Why get accredited?

A. Accreditation demonstrates a commitment to quality patient care to peers, the general public as well as Medicare and other insurance payers. Most labs find that they become more organized and efficient during the accreditation process.

Accreditation is required by Medicare and United Health Care.

Q. Is our lab qualified for accreditation?

A. Most labs, if they are not qualified already can become qualified my making a few changes. Do not assume your lab will not meet the standards. Discuss your concerns with the accreditation commission or a qualified consultant like those at
CRV Imaging.

Q. The last lab I worked in was ICAEL accredited; my new lab is structured differently. How can the new lab get accredited?

A. There are many pathways to accreditation. Each entity must meet the minimum standards set forth by the accreditation commission plus those the entity establishes for itself.

Q. How long does the accreditation process take?

A. For most labs it is reasonable to expect to finish an application in 6 to 9 months once qualified medical and technical staff are in place.

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