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Staffing & Accreditation Services

Temporary Echo, Vascular, & Ultrasound Staffing Services

Don’t cancel patients for vacations and sick days; let us meet your needs with professional certified staff. You can also use our services to extend your appointment hours or days. Contact us for our competitive rates! (This service available in southeastern Michigan only)

Policy & Procedures

Let us do the work, we can write policy and procedures for you that reflect your lab practices while meeting accreditation standards and your lab standards! Complete customized P&P packages starting at only $899.

IAC-Echo, Vascular, Nuclear, MRI and CT

IAC-Echo, Vascular, Nuclear, MRI and CT accreditation is a high standard for echo, vascular, nuclear, CT and MRI laboratories. In busy laboratories it can be difficult and time-consuming for staff to complete the application.

We have assisted many large hospitals, clinics, and private practices with accreditation. Let us assist you with accreditation in any way that meets the needs of your busy lab.

We can handle audits for you too!

Technologist Cross Training

Keep your lab on the cutting edge! We provide local or in-house training in:

  • Lower Arterial Physiological Testing
  • Carotid Duplex
  • Abdominal Duplex
  • Renal Duplex
  • Echo-cross training is not a service we provide but we can update skills

These courses are intended for sonographers and physicians who are new to vascular imaging or experienced and want a review. These courses can be approved for SDMS CMEs for a small fee.

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